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Hi, I'm Helen, an experienced Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist based in Sheffield, UK

I found my passion in Soft Tissue Therapy and qualified as a  Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist in 2012. From there on I qualified in Sports Massage Therapy from the London School of Massage in 2015 and furthered my skills in 2016.

I have worked both as a self-employed therapist and within two prestigious Physiotherapy clinic settings in Sheffield. I now work for myself, in the Walkley area of Sheffield


I offer the following:

Postural assessments
Functional movement tests
Deep Tissue Work
Soft Tissue Release
Muscle Energy Techniques
Joint Articulation
Active and Passive Stretching
Kinesiology Taping
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Release

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Please get in touch  and we can discuss your needs and book you in for a session at a time to suit you. Everyone will require different treatment and my opening hours can vary each week.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy benefits everyone, from elite athletes who want to perform at their best, to weekend warriors or those that enjoy physical activity in the gym or at fitness classes. It includes those in physically demanding jobs,  to people at desk job suffering from stress and tension. Massage is also great if you just need to relax and rejuvenate from the daily stresses of life.

 I tailor the massage to your specific needs, so no one treatment is the same. Tailored sports massage has many benefits:

Improved performance

Prepares the body and mind for peak performance by promoting mobility and flexibility.

Reduced fatigue

Increases energy levels and a feeling of well-being from stressful or challenging sporting or lifestyle and work patterns.

Injury prevention

Pinpoints tightness and small niggles before they become bigger problem areas and increases overall body awareness.

Aids recovery

Reduces muscle tension and tightness to ensure you can perform at your best during training and recover faster after a competition.

Treatment Slots

60 Minutes

Perfect for your full body maintenance massage including back and neck, arms, legs and glutes and feet.

45 Minutes

Ideal for a section of the body such as back and neck, or legs and glutes.  Great for a pre or post massage treatment.

30 Minutes

Suitable for a specific area, often to treat small injuries and niggles, such as the calf, neck and shoulders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sports massage?
How is Sports Massage different to a general deep tissue massage?
I don’t play sports – can I still have a Sports Massage?
What are the benefits of Sports Massage?
When should I have a regular sports massage?

Qualifications & experience

Diploma in Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage (SCSM)
Dipolma in Sports Massage Level 3 (ITEC)
Certificate in Sports Massage Level 4 (ITEC)
K Taping (Sports Tape)
Dry Needling Level 1 (OMT)
Health, Safety and Hygiene Returning to work COVID-19 Course - Gateway Workshop LTD

In my spare time, I enjoy running long distances, swimming,  cycling and gym work. I am a qualified Swim Teacher, open water swim coach, an England Athletics running Coach and Fell and Trail running coach and hold a gym instructor qualification. I am also training for my Strength and Conditioning coaching qualification.  I therefore understand the issues that active people may face. You can visit my run coaching website below:


Close to Rivelin Valley, Walkley, Crookes, Main Bridge, Hillsborough, Stannington and Crosspool.

Phone No:

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Please fill in the contact form if you are a potential new client. I have a screening process and it is super important that you let me know who referred you to my Sports Massage services. 

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