Updated 1st April 2021

Important COVID-19 procedures to enable to keep you, the client and the massage environment safe.

To guarantee safe operation, we have taken the advice of 2 separate governing bodies which are:

We ask that you educate yourself on our procedures in place to ensure everyone’s safety.

Covid-19 Quicksheet

Please refer to my COVID-19 Quicksheet for a summary of my procedures.

Risk Assessments in place

Full risk assessment documents available on request and the privacy policy.

How to access Ultractive Sports Massage

To access Ultractive Sports Massage, clients can now book their appointments online using Simply Book me. Clients must also fill in a COVID-19 pre-screening questionnaire at least 24 hours before EVERY session. A third party form called ‘JotForms’, will be used which has been industry recommended. You must be truthful when answering these questions to ensure the safety of all our clients the therapist. This form collects your name,  email, telephone number and date and time of appointment and this data will be kept for 21 days to assist NHS Track and Trace with requests for that data if needed. 

If you experience any symptoms or you are shielding/isolating – please do not consider booking an appointment.

It is most important to ensure you only attend an appointment if you are safe and well to do so. Even after the time that you have filled in the COVID-19 pre-screening form. If you develop symptoms of Covid-19 or come into contact with anyone that has developed symptoms or tested positive for the virus at any point between making an appointment and the day itself you MUST cancel. You will not be charged in this case no matter how late the cancellation.

The most common symptoms of coronavirus are the recent onset of a fever, a new continuous dry cough, and a loss of taste or smell. If you experience any of these symptoms, please follow the NHS guidance given to you and the guidelines for contact tracing and self-isolation. See the links below:

We will share your details with the NHS track and trace if necessary. It is compulsory for us to display the QR poster and we encourage you to scan in everytime you visit using the free NHS COVID-19 app

We strictly follow the recommendations from Public Health England (PHE). Please visit their website for details.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as I roll out these new measures. They are intended to improve the safety for everyone. If you have any concerns or questions relating to any of the measures I have introduced or adopted, please do get in touch.

New Clients

For new clients, the initial part of the consultation will be done through an online form.

What I need from you before you arrive

  • Before your appointment I will have an online discussion to ask how things are so we minimise face to face contact with each other and to double-check you are not showing any signs of Coronavirus.
  • Please don’t arrive early! I need to dedicate extra time to your appointment slot to allow for extra cleaning after the previous appointment, and for re-applying PPE.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands (or hand sanitise) before you arrive.

Existing Clients – arriving

  • You must attend the appointment on your own.
  • There will be hand sanitiser outside in a small tray, please use it before dinging the COVID-19 tune on the doorbell.
  • Clients MUST  wear a facemask as well as adhering to social distancing.  I will refuse entry to anyone not wearing a facemask.
  • Please put your facemask on before coming around the back of the property. This is to ensure that I am operating as a business and your visit is not classed as social.
  • You will be encouraged to scan the QR code located at the premises every time you visit.
  • There are extra facilities to wash or sanitise your hands throughout the premises including the Kitchen, Bathroom and Massage Room.
  • Please practice social distancing at all points that are possible during your appointment.
  • Take your shoes off and please make your way up to the massage room.
  • Please bring minimal items with you and take them up to the massage room.
  • Please try and not touch the handrails as you go up to the massage room.
  • Place all belongings into the container provided.
  • The room will already have been cleaned and aired prior to your arrival.
  • The room will be kept well ventilated with open windows where possible
  • Of course, you may use the bathroom which will be cleaned after each client, including taps etc. There will be hand soap in a dispenser in the bathroom and disposable paper towel towels for you to dispose of in a peddle bin. There will also be sanitiser in the bathroom.

During Treatment

To cut down on the risk of infection and make cleaning easier I will no longer be using any fabric such as couch covers or blankets.

  • I will provide fresh clean towels to drape over you. Please do not bring your own
  • Disposable paper roll face covering will be used on massage couches and couches will be disinfected after each client
  • The room and all its items will be disinfected after each client
  • Clean Pillowcases for every client
  • Rooms will be aired in between clients
  • Therapist’s hands washed sanitised before and after each client
  • Visors will be worn by the therapist whilst on the premises (face masks are not compulsory for the therapist but a visor is)
  • No facial massages will be given, nor any massage that requires leaning over the clients’ face.

After your treatment

  • Please leave the disposable face cover, when your treatment has finished, I will dispose of this using the appropriate PPE.
  • After the treatment, I will leave the room for you to change and sort your things out. Please try not to touch anything in the room. There will be a cleaning station in the room for you to sanitise your hands as well as one downstairs.
  • Please make your way downstairs where I will be waiting for you in the kitchen. I will maintain the social distancing measures appropriate at the time whilst you gather your shoes and we can book your next appointment. Due to the cat, I can not leave the door open so I ask you to open the door to the outside. This will then be sanitised afterwards.
  • No water will be offered, please bring your own or if you are travelling by car to leave it in the car.
  • Any follow up appointments can be booked online by yourself.
  • Payments can be done using our online system, (preferred via Stripe) BACS or Paypal. Please do this prior to your appointment. Please minimise cash where possible.

Keeping the environment clean and safe

  • All public areas will be deep cleaned morning and night and high touch areas will be disinfected after each appointment such as door handles, handrails, toilet handles/sinks etc.

Developing Symptoms Recap

We encourage all clients and therapists to follow the NHS contact tracing procedures and to inform us if you develop symptoms within 14 days of attending an appointment with us.

If the therapist experiences any symptoms of Covid-19 they will cancel your appointment with a full refund and follow self-isolation and contact tracing guidelines appropriately.

Please refer to our privacy and terms and conditions policies for more information about our general cancellation policy.

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